Top Reasons to Earn A Degree in Psychology

Almost every major college or university offers some sort of program in psychology, and for a good reason. It is one of the most popular majors among undergraduate and graduate students across the nation. However, many people are quick to criticize a degree in psychology as over rated, lacking substance, or inadequate for finding a good paying job – but we have a different opinion. Not only is a psychology degree becoming more and more marketable for a larger variety of career fields but there are many other reasons why earning a degree and getting an education in psychology is highly beneficial.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Once I asked an MBA buddy, who'd been out of school for about 10 years working in a marketing, what was the biggest benefit he gained from earning an MBA in Finance. His answer was unexpected, but not surprising. "Ya know, I can't remember all the concepts I learned in my advanced corporate finance classes and all the financial analysis I performed is becoming a bit hazzy… but I learned how to logically and analytically approach a problem, tear it apart and come up with the best solution." Much of what you'll learn as a psychology student will focus on how to think critically. Psychology courses will help you develop critical thinking skills that will allow you to succeed not only in psychology but a large variety of career fields.

Understanding Psychological Principles

So much of what occurs in both business and daily life is influenced by psychological principles. Psychology relies on the scientific method and emphasizes research methods and statistical analysis that help us better understand our environment and interactions with other people. Whether you pursue a career in psychology or other profession, what you learn from a degree in psychology will greatly contribute to your career success.

Understanding of Interpersonal Relationships

Life revolves around interpersonal relationships. In a marriage, in your family and in your occupation your success is determined in large part by your understanding of interpersonal relationships. While earning a psychology degree doesn't guarantee a healthy social life any more than becoming a doctor ensures you'll never get sick, psychology students gain an intimate understanding and knowledge of interpersonal and family relationships and develop tools that can be used to improve these relationships.

Understanding of Human Dymanics in the Workplace

In recent years, psychology has become one of the disciplines of choice among students seeking careers in business and corporations looking to improve their workplace environment, products, and employee practices. One of the top-10 higest paying professions in the United States is Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. These professionals, often referred to as I-O Psychologists, use their understanding of human psychology and behavior to improve employee outcomes in various settings. They also improve product design to enhance user experience and help corporations develop and implement more effective and efficient employee practices. An degree in psychology not only makes you a more attractive job candidate, it will also prepare you for supervisory and management positions down the road.

Overall Improved Employability

While pessimists would lead you to believe that a degree in psychology is too general to provide any really career value, the exact opposite is true. Not only does psychology provide a solid educational foundation that will allow you to excel in your choosen career, it will immediately position you for careers in social service, education, business, management, criminal justice and even law. What you need to do is become adept at communicating the value of your degree to potential employers. Your understanding of human behavior is an asset to employers, learning how to communicate this will not only get you a foot in the door but land you a good job as well.

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