Psychiatry Jobs and Careers

psychiatry jobs

Psychiatry is a specialized career in the field of medicine focused on mental and behavioral problems. Professionals who pursue psychiatry jobs are actual medical doctors (M.D.s) trained to treat mental and physical symptoms through both psychotherapy and prescription medication.

Education Required for Psychiatrist Jobs

A Psychiatry job requires much of the same education as a medical doctor. According to the American Psychiatric Association, this means completing four years of medical school and taking all the required certification exams to practice in your state.

Most psychiatry careers will require an additional four years of residency. Certain subspecialties may require two years or more of post-residency education.

Psychiatry Careers

Addiction Psychiatrist

A career in addiction psychiatry involves the treatment of chemical addiction and associated behavior. Treatment often involves both cognitive behavioral therapy and medication options, addressing both the physiological symptoms as well as depression brought on by social stigmas. According to the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, the job outlook for addiction psychiatrists is positive due to court-ordered rehab programs.

Adolescent and Child Psychiatrist

As a psychiatrist in this field, you will specialize in treating behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. You will employ a spectrum of diagnostic ap a roaches using physical, cognitive, emotional, developmental, genetic, peer and social evaluations to determine a diagnosis. You will then involve the families when developing a treatment option.

Forensic Psychiatrist

Forensic psychiatrists work within the judicial system, often on trials where the mental state of the parties involved needs to be established. In this profession, you are often called in to make determinations on whether a suspect is fit to stand trial or legally insane. A judge may also call on you for parole hearings, rehabilitation determinations, and to evaluate medical needs of those being held in state custody.

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Geriatric psychiatry is a profession that treats the unique mental and physical disorders that occur in aging populations. Conditions treated range from the physical and mental discomfort of normal aging, to more severe afflictions, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Military Psychiatrist

With a continued troop presence in several foreign countries, military psychiatry jobs are a niche that is in high demand. As a military psychiatrist, you treat both the physical and mental disorders of military personnel. You might find yourself working in a retirement home for vets, or treating the PTSD of a soldier who just recently served.


This is a fairly new specialty in the field of psychiatry achieving its own certification as late as 2006. This subspecialty successfully combines both psychiatry and neurology. As a neuropsychiatrist, you will focus on abnormalities in higher brain functions. Often these abnormalities are the cause of mild to severe psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit disorder, irritability, dementia, and epilepsy.

Salary For Psychiatrist Jobs and Careers

The psychiatry profession is expected to climb as much as 15% over the next several years due to a growing elderly population and the constant evolution of medical and psychiatric subspecialties.

Salaries for psychiatry jobs can vary based on a number of factors, such as region, subspecialty, experience, as well as the type of your practice, whether is private or state-run. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2017 mean annual salary wage for psychiatric jobs is $200,220, which is much higher than most professions in the workforce.

No matter which path you take, it is important to note that the journey to becoming a psychiatrist is long and sometimes difficult, but it can also be rewarding. Along with making a higher than average salary, you will be able to help people get through some of the most difficult obstacles and circumstances in their lives.


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