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Although requirements to become a psychiatric technician vary by state, most psychiatric techs earn a certificate, associate degree or bachelor's degree. There are a variety of psychiatric technician, mental health technology and related degree programs that can prepare students to become a licensed psychiatric technician.

Most psychiatric technician programs cover topics including treatment of psyciatric disorders, medication administration, abnormal behavioral patterns, intervention strategies, substance abuse, pharmacology and case management. In addition, many programs will also teach students how to counsel and treat patients suffering from mental illness or developmental disabilities.

States including Colorado, California and Kansas along with a few others require psychiatric technicians to be licensed. However, many states don't have any licensing requirements at all and only require that psychiatric techs have a high school diploma or associate degree. Before jumping into a training program you'll want to find out what the licensing requirements are for the state where you plan on working.

Even if the state where you decide to practice doesn't have any licensing or educational requirements, we highly recommend earning at least an associate or bachelor's degree as this will position you for a myriad of career advancement opportunities not available to techs who do not have a degree. There is also a voluntary national certification exam for psychiatric technicians administered by the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians (AAPT) that will better prepare you as a psychiatric technician, and provide you with greater career opportunities.

Below we've listed a few of the top colleges and universities offering psychiatric technician programs.

University of Maine-Farmington
Farmington, ME
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME
Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, CA

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