Navy Research Psychologist Career Information, Jobs, Degrees & Training Programs

Navy research psychologists conduct research to learn more about physiological, social, and psychological issues affecting Marines and sailors. Some are assigned to operational support positions, and many assist service members struggling with emotional problems and preparing for dangerous missions.

Civilian psychologists occasionally conduct military-related research. However, the best opportunities for this type of research exist in the Navy and other branches of the armed forces. The skills developed as a Navy research psychologist can also be applied in the civilian world.

Job Overview

Many career opportunities exist for Navy research psychologists. Opportunities are available in submarines, medical research and diving labs, military colleges, and veterans' hospitals. Many Navy research psychologists specialize in personnel assessment, selection, and training.

Navy research psychologists also:
  • Participate in policy development, lead oversight programs, and evaluate programs to determine their effectiveness
  • Oversee large research projects and discuss training programs, human performance issues, and other issues with military leaders
  • Fill medical department supervisory jobs, which can include positions with the Navy Medical Research and Development Laboratories
Specific Responsibilities

Navy research psychologists are assigned to the Medical Service Corps. Since they hold college degrees, they're officers. These specialists develop procedures and conduct research intended to improve the well-being, happiness, and safety of Marines and sailors.

Navy research psychologists can specialize in the following branches of psychology:
  • Cognitive
  • Experimental
  • Social
  • Industrial/organizational
  • Human factors
  • Engineering
  • Personnel
  • Neuroscience
  • Physiological
Work Environment

Many Navy research psychologists are employed at Navy hospitals and research facilities located throughout the world, including Washington D.C., Guam, Germany, Japan, and Hawaii.

Navy research psychologists can also find jobs at the Naval Health Research Center, the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, and the Naval Research Laboratory located in Washington D.C.

Regardless of where Navy research psychologists are employed, they provide valuable support and services to Marines and sailors. It's very satisfying serving the men and women responsible for defending the homeland.

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