Medical & Public Health Social Worker Salary, Earnings and Wage Information

Of all social workers, those specializing in public health earn the largest annual salaries. Some of the higher paying opportunities exist at physicians' clinics, home healthcare providers, assisted care facilities, and hospitals. However, medical and public health social workers employed at surgical hospitals, substance abuse rehabilitation facilities, diagnostic labs, brokerage firms, and insurance companies typically earn the highest annual salaries.

During 2008, the median salary for public health social workers exceeded $46,000 a year. Those with salaries in the 50th percentile made anywhere from $35,550 to $57,690 a year. Public health social workers with wages in the bottom 10th percentile made under $28,100 a year, and those in the upper 10th percentile earned $69,090 or more annually. Median salaries for organizations that employed most public health social workers during 2008 were:
  • General medical and surgical hospitals$51,470
  • Home health care services46,930
  • Local government44,140
  • Nursing care facilities41,080
  • Individual and family services38,370

Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,,

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