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Media psychology is branch of psychology developed to provide new research and knowledge about human psychology to media companies. Many career opportunities exist for people interested in media psychology since media companies continue to grow at high rates and technology is accessible to more people than ever before.

Media Psychologist

Most media psychologists hold graduate degrees in media psychologist. Only media psychologists administering clinical and counseling services are required to become licensed. Undergraduates interested in media psychology should take various classes related to media and technology, in addition to many different behavioral science and psychology classes. Media psychologists must be well versed in both subjects. For example, those interested in research or consultant positions in the entertainment media industry should obtain entry-level jobs with entertainment media companies before attending graduate school.

Media Consultant

Many media consultants hold graduate degrees in media psychology. They regularly meet with film and television producers, directors, and writers. Media psychologists are valuable to these professionals because they possess expertise in human psychology and media production, which is useful to movie and television producers attempting to accurately depict human behavior in media productions.

Marketing Director

Media psychologists with master's degrees and applicable marketing experience are highly sought after by companies that advertise on the Internet and television. These types of companies heavily recruit media psychologists to fill marketing director positions.

Media psychologists typically understand how consumers react to certain types of advertising. Additionally, they usually understand how to effectively utilize social networking, and since social networking has exploded in recent years, media psychologists are attractive to companies utilizing it. Marketing directors are also responsible for following marketing trends, paying attention to competitors, and developing company brands.

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