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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, forensic psychologists fall within the Psychologists, All Other category. The median salary for this category of professional psychologists is about $95,700 a year. Those in the lower 10th percentile make $41,700 annually while those in the upper 10th percentile earned salaries exceeding $127,700 a year.

The industries with the highest levels of employment in this category of psychologists work in the Federal Executive Branch, Offices of Other Health Practitioners, Outpatient Care Centers, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools. These psychologists make between $62,900-$142,800. Psychologists who find employment in Educational Support Services, Outpatient Care Centers, Local and State Government have the highest salary among this category and often make between $111,500-$186,000 a year.

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As an additional salary reference point, reports the following annual forensic psychologist salary figures based on years of experience.

Entry-level (0-5 years experience)Mid-career (5-10 years experience)Experienced (10-20 years experience)Late-career (>20 years experience)

Education Requirements

A growing number of employers are seeking forensic psychologists with a doctorate degree in psychology or specifically forensic psychology; some employers may accept master’s degree candidates. For those looking to maximize their long-term earning potential and career opportunities, earning a PhD or PsyD in psychology is highly recommended. Here is more information on psychology master’s degrees.

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