Exercise Therapist Career Information, Jobs, Degrees & Training Programs

Research conducted at major universities supports the connection between exercise and psychological well being. Many individuals attest to this connection since exercise is a great way to alleviate stress or experience euphoria. As a result, specialists known as exercise therapists recommend exercise remedies for individuals struggling with mental health or emotional problems.

Exercise therapy is an effective way to help people diagnosed with eating disorders, but since these individuals often exercise excessively, it's important they work closely with a trained professional. In conjunction with exercise, exercise therapists administer mental health treatments to uncover underlying causes and empower their clients.

Many people utilize exercise therapy as an outlet for anger, frustration, and anxiety. Exercise therapists teach clients how exercise can be used to express feelings that are difficult to verbalize. For example, an individual struggling with minor social anxiety can exercise whenever he or she feels frustrated, rather than abuse drugs or alcohol, overeat, or participate in other unhealthy behaviors.

When assisting people with eating disorders, exercise therapists show their clients how to exercise properly and safely. This is because these individuals are typically underweight and overstressed. They usually have distorted body images, so therapy is meant to address this misperception.

To address distorted perceptions, exercise therapists utilize exercise to help their patients accept themselves. When developing exercise programs, therapists design them around enjoyable and non-stressful exercises. They also typically require patients to maintain an exercise log. This is done to determine whether prescribed treatments are effective and whether alterations should be made.

Patients who develop a healthier perception of their bodies and learn how to cope with depression are likely to recover. Thus, exercise therapists are often instrumental when a patient fully recovers from an eating disorder. To begin a career in exercise therapy, you should be knowledgeable about health and fitness and hold a college degree in movement therapy or counseling. Some exercise therapists hold master's degrees in psychology, counseling, or social work and are licensed as therapists.

If you want to assist people with emotional and behavioral problems through exercise therapy, learn more about what steps must be taken to enter this profession.

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