District of Columbia Psychology Schools, Colleges & Universities

With slightly over three hundred thousand residents, the District of Columbia is perhaps the smallest recognized territory in the nation. Notwithstanding, this province offers psychology students and aspiring psychologists some of the best educational opportunities anywhere in the country.

There are eight accredited, and highly reputable, psychology schools in Washington, D.C. offering both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in psychology ranging from bachelor's of science in general psychology to Ph.D. degrees in developmental psychology.

Washington D.C. is also a great place to practice psychology. There are many career opportunities for psychologists in government, non-profit organizations, education institutions, and private industry. Even the those the annual mean wage for psychologists (about $70,000) is lower than the average for that region of the country, many psychologists still decide to call Washington D.C. home.

Below we've listed the eight colleges and universities offering accredited psychology degree programs in Washington D.C.

American University – Washington, DC
Gallaudet University – Washington, DC
George Washington University – Washington, DC
Georgetown University – Washington, DC
Howard University – Washington, DC
The Catholic University of America – Washington, DC
Trinity Washington University – Washington, DC
University of the District of Columbia – Washington, DC

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