Disability Policy Worker Career Information, Jobs, Degrees & Training Programs

Disability policy workers lobby legislative representatives to pass laws beneficial to the disabled. They also increase public awareness about various problems plaguing disabled individuals by writing articles for academic journals and other publications. Their primary focus is to advance civil rights for disabled individuals.

Disability policy workers are employed by companies that develop products for disabled individuals, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Disability policy workers consult with elected representatives at all levels of government. Many disability policy workers meet with company representatives to discuss how rights of disabled workers can be advanced in the workplace.

Disability policy workers specializing in community advocacy meet with mayors, city council members, and city managers to discuss measures that can be taken to increase the accessibility of city services for disabled people.

Disability policy workers specializing in workplace advocacy consult with executives and managers to discuss how to support disabled employees, make facilities more accessible for disabled individuals, and comply with federal disability laws.

Most disability policy workers hold college degrees in social work or public policy. They should possess excellent analytical, writing, and verbal communication skills.

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