Disability Case Manager Career Information, Jobs, Degrees & Training Programs

The disability services industry is made up of an extensive infrastructure of support professionals who deliver specialized services to people with disabilities in order to maintain their mental and physical health. However, because this system is extensive, disabled individuals often require assistance determining what kind of disability assistance they require, and how to obtain the services the need. Disability Case Managers are responsible for helping people with disabilities find the and communitcate with organizations that deliver disability aide.

Disability Case Managers interview clients and evaluate client medical records in order to determine what type of disability assistance a disabled client requires. After their assessment, Disablity Case Managers contact the necessary care providers, and make arrangements for clients to receive necessary disability services. For example, a disabled client with learning disabilities and impaired motor functions, may require specialized assisted living services from two, or three, separate organizations as well as specialized educational assistance. The Disability Case Manager is ultimately responsible for identifying the appropriate care providers, and making sure that their client receives support services they require.

In addition to coordinating services for their clients, one of the Disability Case Manager's most important roles is to evaluate and adjust their clients' care plans as needed. For instance, if a Disablity Case Manager discovers that an Elderly patient has experienced a stroke, the Disability Case Manager would be required to re-assess this client's needs and determine how to accommodate required changes to their care plan.

Disability Case Managers work for health-insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals, as well as private disability services organization. Employers usually require Disability Case Managers to have a college degree in social work, nursing or related field.

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