Developmental Psychologist Salary, Earnings and Wage Information

Developmental psychology is one of the fastest growing branches of psychology in the United States. This growth is fueled by the demand for psychology professionals who specialize in working with an ever increasing number of elderly adults within our population. While the number of careers within the branch of developmental psychology is quite diverse, many developmental psychologists are focusing their expertise in helping older adults address and cope with concerns relating to old age.

Psychology professionals who apply the science of developmental psychology to the elderly are primarily tasked with the responsibility of helping older adults find ways to live out the remaining years of their lives in the healthiest and most productive way possible. Specific issues that psychologists must address, as they relate to the elderly, include prevention and treatment of developmental disorders, mental health, physical health, family relationships, substance abuse and positive social interactions.

According to American Psychology Association website there is also a growing demand for school psychology professionals, another field within the brand of developmental psychology. In fact, APA reports that school psychology holds some of the best job prospects for developmental psychologists. They predict that public and private schools alike will increase counseling and mental health services for students in the near future.

Developmental psychologists' salaries are affected by a number of factors including specialty and education qualifications. Specific details about developmental psychologists' salaries are not available, but those with PhDs employed at universities, which include a large portion of developmental psychologists, earn high salaries compared to other branches of psychology. The American Psychological Association reported that the median salary for developmental psychologists employed at universities for 9-10 months a year was $71,000 in 2008. The median salary for developmental psychologists employed for 11-12 months a year was $90,000. Developmental psychologists working as research administrators averaged $110,000 a year.

Developmental psychology is a very broad fields and salaries can vary dramatically. Salaries can range from $20,000 a year to over $110,000 a year. The biggest factors influencing salary appear to be education level, field of practice, specialty and location.

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