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Clinical social workers conduct psychological evaluations and administer therapy to treat emotional and mental health disorders. They also teach mentally unstable individuals how to live stable and happy lives.

Licensed clinical social workers administer general therapies or specialize in either case management, intervention, diagnosis, or treatment. Some clinical social workers specialize in assisting patients with certain problems, including substance abuse, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Most people meeting with clinical social workers struggle with social problems, managing stress, or holding down a job. To be effective, clinical social workers must understand sociology, human development, behavioral science, and factors contributing to mental illness.

Clinical social workers usually hold graduate degrees in social work. Prior to being licensed, they are required to complete an internship and gain 2 years of supervised clinical experience.

Clinical social workers can be found at:

  • Private clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health clinics
  • Child welfare agencies
  • Schools
  • Community organizations

All clinical social workers are required to satisfy licensing requirements issued by their state's licensing board. Most states require these specialists to hold a graduate degree, obtain supervised clinical experience, and pass a test.

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