Child Welfare & Protection Social Worker Career Information, Jobs, Degrees & Training Programs

A day at the office for a social worker assigned to investigate child abuse can be very heart wrenching. These specialists discover firsthand the ugly realities of child abuse and the frequency at which it occurs. However, they make a difference by assisting children who've been physically or sexually abused. They also work with families struggling with emotional disorders and drug and alcohol abuse.

It's estimated that more than 2,000 children throughout America are abused daily. Sadly, many children do not receive the assistance they need because many local and state governments cannot afford to hire enough social workers. In fact, some child protection agencies receive hundreds of calls weekly reporting suspected child abuse.

Child welfare social workers are typically responsible for organizing clinical interventions, developing programs intended to eliminate child abuse, counseling with children and families, and encouraging legislative officials to pass child protection laws.

Since child protection agencies have traditionally struggled recruiting qualified social workers, legislation has been proposed to solve this problem. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is lobbying Congress to pass a bill that would increase tuition assistance and offer other incentives to college students majoring in social work. Since most social worker jobs are low paying, students are reluctant to become social workers, but it's hoped that more people would enter this profession if tuition assistance and loan forgiveness were available.

State legislatures are also being encouraged to increase funding to hire more social workers. This would decrease caseloads and make it possible for social workers to spend more time assisting their clients.

Most child welfare and protection social workers enjoy their jobs, even though it can be very stressful. Children throughout the country suffer from abuse, but it's possible for them to live happy and productive lives if they receive the necessary assistance. If parents are abusing children or unable to properly support them, social workers can make arrangements to move them to safer environments. Take some time to learn more about the benefits of a career in social work.

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