Army Mental Health Specialist Salary, Earnings and Wage Information

Mental health specialists employed in the private sector usually earn higher salaries than those employed by the Army. Mental health specialists employed by businesses or government agencies earn average salaries ranging from $20,000-40,000 annually. Army mental health specialist pay is determined in large park by rank, experience and time served.

According to the Congressional Budget Office that average active duty service member in the Army receives a total annual compensation package worth $99,000. Noncash compensation represents about 60% of that amount. Noncash compensation includes retirement pay, subsidized housing and food, health care, child care and education.

The following chart give you a rough idea of compensation for active duty members of the Army.

Enlisted SoldierCivilian Job
(Health Specialist)
Army Job*
(Health Specialist)
Food Allowance0$3,900
Special Pay0$1,800
Tax Advantages0$2,716***
Health Care- $13,100****ncluded
Net Income$36,368$53,960

*Compensation based on 2010 national averages extracted from – Sample based on a Sergeant (E5) with 4 years service with a family of 4 individuals. Figures do not include bonuses – which can be substantial.

**Civilian salary based on national averages from data provided by Salary Wizard' at

***Tax advantages are frequently overlooked when calculating total military calculations. Remember that all allowances are tax exempt.

****Health-care costs as shown in the above chart are based on a report submited by the National Coalition on Health Care for a family with four individuals.

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Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,,