Alaska Psychology Schools, Colleges & Universities

When it comes to the psychology profession, Alaska isn't one of the higher paying states in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median wage for psychologists working in Alaska is right around $75,000. However, if Alaska is where you want to be, there are still many psychology jobs available, especially in counseling psychology and education. Most psychology jobs are going to found in the state's most populated regions including the Panhandle and Alaska's capital and most populated city, Anchorage. If you want to practice psychology in Alaska then it's important that you get receive the right education. Most schools in Alaska offering psychology programs, offer both bachelor's and master's degrees, though many of the larger universities also offer graduate certificates and doctorate degrees. In order to practice independenty psychology professionals in Alaska are required to have a doctorate degree and license from the state board.

Below we've listed the colleges and universities offering accredited psychology degree programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Alaska Pacific University – Anchorage, AK
University of Alaska-Anchorage – Anchorage, AK
University of Alaska-Fairbanks – Fairbanks, AK

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