Air Force Psychologist Salary, Earnings and Wage Information

Average annual salaries for army psychologists fall anywhere between $35,000-60,000. Average salaries for air force psychologists vary by rank and experience.

The following chart displays the annual salary for healthcare professionals, including psychologists in the United States Air Force. The compensation figures below are based on rank and years of active service. However, healthcare professionals employed by the Air Force are often eligible for special incentive pay, bonuses and allowances not represented in the charge below. In addition, psychologists that work with the Air Force never have to purchase malpractice insurance.


Healthcare professionals may be eligible to enter as officers starting with O-1 (Second Lieutenant) or higher depending on education, career experience, etc.
Years of ServiceO-1 Second LieutenantO-2 First LieutenantO-3 CaptainO-4 MajorO-5 Lieutenant ColonelO-6 ColonelO-7 Brigadier GeneralO-8 Major GeneralO-9 Lieutenant General
2 >$33,941$39,103$45,256$51,473$59,656$71,561$96,548$116,197
Over 4$53,024$60,372$64,447$72,734$83,776$104,760$123,235
Over 10$68,494$77,022$81,191$88,178$114,113$132,880
Over 16$85,057$93,157$102,049$131,652$143,618
Over 20$98,392$112,446$140,706$155,599$164,221
Over 30$126,688$144,252$163,426$184,770

Healthcare professionals, including psychologists, who eventually achieve the rank of 0-10 General of the Air Force can earn as much as $230,879 a year.

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