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University of California-Berkeley Psychology Programs

Psychology degrees and programs offered by University of California-Berkeley.

Berkeley, CA 94720

Phone Number:
(510) 642-6000

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Institution Type:
Public, 4-year or above

Campus Setting:
City: Midsize

Student Population:
38,424 (27,760 undergraduate)

Student-to-Teacher Ratio:
18 to 1

Psychology Degree Programs/Courses:
  • Graduate Behavioral Neuroscience Program
  • Graduate Change, Plasticity and Development Program
  • Graduate Clinical Science Program
  • Graduate Cognition, Brain, and Behavior Program
  • Graduate Social/Personality Program
  • Undergraduate Psychology Major

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Organizational Psychologist
Organizational psychologists, often referred to as Industrial-Organizational Psychologists or I-O Psychologists, are some of the highest paid psychology professionals in world.

Salary: $80,000+
Education: College Degree
Job Outlook: Excellent

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