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Psychology Careers and Occupations

Psychology today is not what it was twenty years ago. And psychology twenty years from now won't be what it is today. Psychology is an exciting, ever evolving field of behavioral science that offers a myriad of career opportunities in a variety of fields and industries. The following directory covers the most popular and growing career fields of psychology. Explore careers in clinical, developmental, cognitive, consumer, counseling, industrial-occupational, forensic, child, school psychology and more.

Psychology Career Specializations
Air Force Psychologist Health Psychologist
Army Psychologist Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Child Psychologist Media Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist Military Psychologist
Cognitive Psychologist Navy Clinical Psychologist
Consumer Psychologist Navy Research Psychologist
Counseling Psychologist Neuropsychologist
Developmental Psychologist Psychotherapist
Educational Psychologist Rehabilitation Psychologist
Engineering Psychologist School Psychologist
Experimental Psychologist Social Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist Sports Psychologist
Geropsychologist Cognitive Neuroscientist
Counseling Career Specializations
Career Counselor Mental Health Counselor
Child Counselor Military Chaplain
Child Abuse Counselor Military Counselor
Community Counselor Multicultural Counselor
Domestic Violence Counselor Rehabilitation Counselor
Gerontological Counselor Substance Abuse Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor Veterans Counselor
Marriage and Family Counselor Victims' Advocate
Social Work Career Specializations
Army Mental Health Specialist Geriatric Social Worker
Child Welfare Social Worker Medical Social Worker
Clinical Social Worker Mental Health Social Worker
Disability Policy Worker Public Health Social Worker
Disability Case Manager Substance Abuse Social Worker
Therapy Career Specializations
Art Therapist Marriage and Family Therapist
Exercise Therapist Music Therapist
Existential Therapist Primary Therapist
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Career Spotlight
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Organizational psychologists, often referred to as Industrial-Organizational Psychologists or I-O Psychologists, are some of the highest paid psychology professionals in the world.

While the median annual pay for I-O Psychologists is roughly $80,000 a year, I-O Psychologists working in the private sector can earn over $120,000 a year.

I-O psychologists develop techniques meant to enhance productivity, assist managers assigning employees to project groups, and improve product testing methods for private corporations and government agencies.

Salary: $80,000+
Education: Masters/Ph.D.
Job Outlook: Excellent

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Licensure Requirements
Social Workers
Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT)