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Army Psychologist Salary Information

Army psychologists average about $60,000 a year. Their salaries can differ by location, specialty, benefits, experience, rank and time served in the military. More often than not pay grades are issued based on rank and seniority.

In additional regular military pay qualified psychologists are entitled to special pay. A psychologist that has has received a diploma as a Diplomate in Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, is entitled to special pay at rate of:
  • $2,000 per year, if the officer has less than 10 years of creditable service;
  • $2,500 per year, if the officer has at least 10 but less than 12 years of creditable service;
  • $3,000 per year, if the officer has at least 12 but less than 14 years of creditable service;
  • $4,000 per year, if the officer has at least 14 but less than 18 years of creditable service; or
  • $5,000 per year, if the officer has 18 or more years of creditable service.
Army psychologists are also entitled to several allowances for food, housing, child care and health care which can add up to over $30,000 a year. All military allowanced are tax exempt so in real terms army psychologists are earning even more than what each allowance is worth.

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Salaries by Specialty

Air Force Psychologist
Army Mental Hlth
Army Psychologist
Art Therapist
Career Counselor
Child Counselor
Child Abuse Counselor
Child Psychologist
Child Welfare Social Wkr
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Social Worker
Cognitive Psychologist
Community Counselor
Consumer Psychologist
Counseling Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Disability Case Manager
Disability Policy Worker
Domestic Violence Counselor
Educational Psychologist
Engineering Psychologist
Exercise Therapist
Existential Therapist
Experimental Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Geriatric Social Worker
Gerontological Counselor
Health Psychologist
Industrial-Organizational Psych.
Marriage and Family Counselor
Marriage and Family Therapist
Media Psychologist
Medical/Public Hlth Soc. Wkr
Mntl Hlth/Sub Abuse Soc Wkr
Military Chaplain
Military Counselor
Military Psychologist
Music Therapist
Navy Psychologist
Primary Therapist
Rehabilitation Counselor
Rehabilitation Psychologist
School Psychologist
Social Psychologist
Sports Psychologist
Substance Abuse Counselor
Veterans Counselor
Victims' Advocate

Licensure Requirements
Social Workers
Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT)